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Mountain BIKING

   Group discount - 20% for 5 or more people!

One day biking

1.Downhill biking from Vihren hut to Bansko.

Easy pleasant downhill biking trip with 1000 m negative elevation from the Vihren hut to Bansko through a forest trail. Suitable for both adults and kids - a good way to spend a family weekend out in the nature! Breathe in fresh pine air, listen to the birds singing and enjoy wonderful mountain views!

Including - transport, equipment, bike, guide.

Downhill biking from Vihren hut image.
  • Price: 45.00

2.Biking from Bansko to Bear Park with e-mountain bikes.

A great opportunity to combine a bike ride and an excursion to well-known Bear Park in Belitsa village. Bear Park was founded in 2000 with the purpose of rescuing the so-called “dancing bears” that were kept for entertainment or improper conditions. Now, the park is open for visitors for excursions and donations to support the park and its inhabitants - 18 brown bears. We will bike from Bansko to Bear Park, where you will have enough time to walk, see the bears and watch a documentary. After that, we will descend to village Belitsa for sightseeing and, then, we will return to Bansko.

Including - transport, equipment, bike, guide (park fee is not included).

biking to Bear Park image
  • Price: 80.00

3.Mountain biking from Bansko to Melnik and the Rojen Monastery with e-mountain bikes.

A unique biking trip that combines exploring the beautiful nature of Pirin and the rich culture of Melnik! Melnik is the smallest and one of the most famous towns in Bulgaria! It has a great history that is reflected in a number of museums, old architectural buildings (Boyar house - the oldest residential building in Bulgaria, and Kordopulova house – the biggest house of the time on the Balkans), churches and monasteries, and, of course, wine-vaults! The town has become famous by its local wine that is now exported around the world! We will bike through the forest and mountain trails to Melnik, where you will have enough time for sightseeing, tasting wine and visiting the Rozhen Monastery - a unique monument of art and spirituality in Bulgaria. In addition, you will see the sand pyramids that surround the town.

Including - transport, equipment, bike, lunch box, guide.

Biking to Banya town image
  • Price: 100.00

4.Downhill biking from Bezbog hut to Dobrinishte and Bansko.

Want to explore new trails? We recommend our enthralling downhill biking trip in the resort of Dobrinishte! You will enjoy both parts of the trip - up and down - you will take a chair lift to ascend up to the Bezbog hut contemplating marvellous views of tall pine trees, rapid streams and high mountains! By the Bezbog hut, you will find beautiful Bezbog lake that mirrors the mountain of the same name. There you will start your descent through the mountain and forest trails down to Dobrinishte, and will continue your trip through the fields to Bansko.

Including - transport, equipment, bike, guide.

Biking to Dobrinishte town image.
  • Price: 50.00

5.Easy mountain biking around Bansko through the forest

If you want to have a good day outdoors, why not taking a bike ride through the forest near Bansko? We ensure a good bike, nice trails and a friendly guide who will show you the most beautiful places not far from the town. You will go to see a lake where you will have time to rest and enjoy the scenery. You will return to Bansko with lots of positive emotions and the feeling of a well-spent day!

Including - transport, equipment, bike, guide (+40 euro for e-bike).

Bike image.
  • Price: 40.00

6.Mountain biking from Bansko to Ortsevo village with e-bikes

Ortsevo is the highest village not only in Bulgaria, but also on the whole Balkan Peninsula! The village is located in Rhodope mountains at 1600 m above sea level! Currently, there are 150 people living in Ortsevo who take care of their home. We will start our trip in Bansko biking with e-bikes to Ortsevo, where we will stop for rest and excursion. After that, we will go down to Eleshnitsa village, where we will bathe in hot mineral springs!

Including - transport, equipment, bike, lunch box, guide (pool fee is not included).

Biking to Eleshnitsa image
  • Price: 90.00

7.Biking from Bansko to the mineral pools in Banya or Dobrinishte village.

Perfect combination of good physical effort and pleasant relaxation afterwards! In the first part, you will enjoy biking on the routes passing through picturesque places at the foot of the Pirin mountains! You can expect a mini adventure with overpassing some natural barriers - creeks, stones and trees. We promise, it will be fun! In the second part, you will relax bathing in hot mineral springs that are located in the neighbour towns - Banya and Dobrinishte. Water in these springs has unique chemical composition that has a healing effect on the whole body - from joints to nerves!.

Including - bikes, equipment, guide.

Biking from Bansko to the nearby lake image.
  • Price: 40.00

8.Biking from Bansko to Kovachevitsa, Leshten and Ognyanovo villages with e-bikes

Turn an ordinary biking ride into an exciting excursion to one of the oldest villages in Bulgaria! Kovachevitsa is a village-museum with remnants from the past dating back to 1 000 years BC. Now, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations! Visitors can walk along the old paved streets and look at the old stone houses built in one typical style, they can see the locals’ crafts and traditions. Leshten is another old authentic village that preserved its appearance from the past and became a popular sight for tourists who come to see its both cultural and natural heritage. Our biking trip will start in Bansko and will go to Kovachevitsa and Leshten villages through Rhodope mountain trails. After the excursion, we will go down to Ognyanovo village famous for its healing hot mineral springs where we will stop to bathe and relax from the long trip.

Including - transport, equipment, e-bike, guide (pool fee is not included).

Biking to to Kovachevitsa, Leshten and Ognyanovo image
  • Price: 100.00

Two days biking

9.Two days biking around Thassos island in Greece with e-bikes

An amazing trip with unforgettable experience, that encompasses pleasant and exciting biking through a number of Greek villages and towns, sightseeing on Thassos island, tasting delicious local cuisine and visiting perfect white sandy beaches! On the first day, we will go by car to the Greek border, from where we will bike to Kavalla city that has many interesting sights and second most important port after Thessaloniki. From that port, we will depart to Thassos island by ferry-boat (around 1,5 h) and stay overnight on the island enjoying traditional dinner and relaxing on a beach. On the second day, we will bike around Thassos island (its length is about 100 km) with stops at the most interesting locations for sightseeing and taking pictures. The island is famous for its ancient ruins, museums and monasteries (including the Monastery of Panteleimon), beautiful mountains (including Mount Ipsario that is 1200 m high) and “Blue Flag” awarded beaches! Upon your choice, we will visit a few of these sights, and by the end of the day we will return to Bansko by car.

Including - transport, equipment, e-bike, guide, accommodation, ferry-boat. .

Biking to Thassos image
  • Price: 200.00

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