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EXTREME and Fun activities.

   Group discount - 20% for 5 or more people!

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1.Off - Road Safari from Bansko to Melnik.

We have an exciting alternative to the usual car excursion to Melnik - an enthralling off-road trip by jeep! We will drive through the mountain area of Pirin on the wild roads to Melnik - the smallest Bulgarian town, famous for its old cultural sights, unique sand pyramids and authentic wine selection! We will visit the most interesting places and taste the wines, after which we will go to see the Rozhen Monastery - a remarkable monument of art and spirituality in Bulgaria.

Including - transport, guide.

Melnik town image.
  • Price: 70.00

2.Off- Road safari from Bansko to the Bear park.

Besides going to the park by car or bicycle, you can choose an adventurous jeep tour through the Rila Mountains! You will enjoy the drive of wild roads with natural barriers - stones, waters and woods, as well as the beautiful landscapes! In the park, you will have an excursion with a guide who will show you the bears and tell their stories - the park was founded to host the bears rescued from captivity and help them readapt to their natural environment.

Including - transport (park fee is not included).

Bear park image.
  • Price: 50.00

3.Off-Road Safari from Bansko to Kovachevitsa, Leshten and Ognyanovo.

An exceptional excursion to the oldest Bulgarian villages through the Rhodope Mountains by jeep! You will enjoy the unique natural and cultural heritage of Bulgaria in one trip! You will visit the old authentic villages-museums Kovachevitsa and Leshten, where you will see how local people lived in the past - what traditions, crafts, architecture, folklore and cuisine they had. After the excursion, you will visit the famous Ognyanovo hot mineral springs that have healing effect on the whole body.

Including - transport, guide.

Kovachevitca image
  • Price: 60.00

4.Off - Road safari from Bansko to Dospat lake.

Visit the biggest lake in Bulgaria on our exciting jeep tour through the Rhodope Mountains! On the way to the lake, we will visit Ortsevo - the highest village on the Balkan Peninsula, located at 1600 m above sea level! Then, we will continue to Dospat - the biggest reservoir in Bulgaria, which attracts fishermen and tourists to catch various fish and enjoy its beauty! On the way back, we will stop in the old villages-museums Kovachevitsa and Leshten, as well as in Ognyanovo and its hot mineral springs!.

Including - transport and guide.

Dospat lake image.
  • Price: 70.00

5.Off - Road safari from Bansko to Bezbog and Mocharata huts + BBQ

A pleasant off-road trip in the forest-mountain area at the foot of the Pirin Mountains! We will drive from Bansko to the Bezbog hut, located at 2 240 m above sea level, where you will see the miraculous lake Bezbog. We will stop there for drinks and photos, and then will continue the trip to another hut Mocharata, where we will enjoy a hearty BBQ lunch!.

Including - transport, guide, BBQ.

Mocharata hut image.
  • Price: 80.00

6.Off- Road Safari around Bansko.

Explore the surroundings of Bansko by an off-road jeep! We will drive through the near mountain and forest roads to the beautiful lakes, where we will stop for delicious traditional lunch of meat and wine, rest and photos. We will also visit the neighbour villages Banya and Dobrinishte and their hot mineral springs, as well as the archeological complex Saint Nikola, where you will see the ruins of an old village that existed between the 4th century BC and the 18th century AD.

Including - transport, guide (+10 euro for visiting Banya and Dobrinishte, hot springs and archeological complex)

Off-road around Bansko image.
  • Price: 50.00

7.Horse riding tour

For true nature lovers, we can offer an enthralling horseback riding through the beautiful forests and fields of Pirin! You will get to know our friendly horses who are trained in all the necessary commands to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. You will choose a suitable route, depending on your experience, and pass it with an instructor or on your own! Perhaps, this is the best way to unite with nature and feel all its beauty!

Including - transport, guide.

Horse riding image.
  • Price: 50.00

8.Rock Climbing.

Want to try something adventurous? Then, rock climbing is for you! You will climb with all the necessary equipment on a natural rock located in Pirin National Park. You will have an opportunity to choose from different difficulty levels of the climbing routes - from beginner to advanced! Even if you have never climbed before, our professional instructors will teach you the basics of technique and work with the equipment, including tying the knots and using the carabiners. We promise it is going to be safe and fun, for both children and adults!

Including - transport, equipment, instructor.

Rock climbing image
  • Price: 60.00

9.River rafting.

Missing adrenaline? Go rafting on one of the most beautiful rivers in Bulgaria! Struma is the country's 5th longest river that takes its source from Vitosha mountain, runs through Bulgaria and Greece, and flows into the Aegean Sea. The rafting takes place in the Kresna Gorge, and its total length is 12 km, passing through the river’s most spectacular rapids. You will receive all the necessary equipment and instructions on how to row and behave in case of emergency. You will be accompanied by professional instructors who will ensure safety during the trip.

Including - transport, equipment, guide.

River rafting image.
  • Price: 70.00

10.BBQ in the mountain.

What can be better than having lunch up in the mountains, enjoying breathtaking views while tasting delicious meat and vegetables cooked on fire and fragrant wine? BBQ in the mountains is a perfect choice for every occasion - from a picnic with friends to a romantic dinner. We guarantee excellent taste and atmosphere, as well as comfortable transport to the place.

Including - transport, food, drinks.

image BBQ.
  • Price: 30.00

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