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Mountain HIKING

   Group discount - 20% for 5 or more people!

One day hiking

1.Mountain hiking from Vihren hut (2 000 m) to Okoto lake (2 100 m)

This is one of our easiest yet very pleasant trips that includes 1-1,5 hour of hiking from the Vihren hut up to lake Okoto (meaning “eye”) along a beautiful mountain path in a valley between two mountain ranges. We will stop by the lake to rest, have a snack, take pictures and enjoy the mountain spirit! Then, we will continue our hiking from the lake back to the hut, after which we will go to see one of the oldest trees in the world - Baikusheva Mura, which is over 1300 years old!

Including - transport, lunch box and guide.

Mountain Lake Okoto image.
  • Price: 40.00

2.Mountain hiking from Bezbog hut (2 240 m) to Popovo lake (2 234 m).

Popovo lake is the largest and deepest lake in Pirin, and indeed one of the most beautiful lakes to see! The path to the lake goes in a miraculous mountain area with changing relief. While hiking, you will enjoy the views of magnificent mountain peaks - Bezbog, Polezhan, Dzhangal, Sivria. In approximately 2-3 hours, we will reach Popovo lake - a pearl of Pirin region. We will stop there for rest, contemplating pure water mirroring the surrounding peaks. When you rest enough, we will continue our hiking back to the Bezbog hut.

Including - transport, lunch box, guide.

Mountain Popovo Lake image
  • Price: 50.00

3.Mountain hiking to the Three Lakes in Banderitsa Valley - Muratovo (2 300 m), Ribnoto (2 200 m) and Okoto (2 100 m).

Pirin is famous for its beautiful lakes - there are more than 170 of them! We offer hiking trips to a number of Pirin lakes, including the famous trio - Muratovo, Ribnoto and Okoto! The lakes of Banderitsa Valley, formed from melting of glaciers, have crystal clear water mirroring the surrounding mountains. They are located close to each other and can be visited in one pleasant walk. Perhaps, one of the best trips to start exploring Pirin!

Including - transport, lunch box, guide.

Mountain Ribnoto Lake image
  • Price: 45.00

4.Mountain hiking from Vihren hut (2 000 m) to Demyanitsa hut (1 900 m).

The hiking route is for more experienced and enduring mountain-lovers, which will take up to 6-7 hours, but will give unforgettable memories! You will start the hike from the Vihren hut and will go through the valleys of the Banderishki and Vasilashki lakes - ones that make cry from their beauty! You will ascend to Todorina Porta (2400 m) - the highest point of the route and will descend to the Demyanitsa hut, where you will have time to rest and eat a traditional lunch cooked by the local «hizhar» (the hut's keeper).

Including - transport, lunch box, guide.

Mountain Vasilashki Lakes image.
  • Price: 50.00

5.Mountain hiking from Bezbog hut (2 240 m) to Demyanitsa hut (1 900 m).

A great variation of our mountain hiking from the hut Bezbog to lake Popovo with continuation to the hut Demyanitsa, what makes the trip a bit more challenging, but much more exciting! You will see not only the largest and deepest Popovo lake, but also a number of other beautiful mountain lakes along the route. We will start from Bansko by car, then we will take a chair lift up to the hut Bezbog, where we will start our hiking to lake Popovo, from where we will continue to the hut Demyanitsa and finish the trip.

Including - transport, guide and lunch box.

Bezbog Lake and Hut.
  • Price: 50.00

6.Mountain hiking from Bezbog hut (2 240 m) to Tevno lake (2 450 m).

You will pass through the heart of Pirin region visiting both famous lakes - Popovo and Tevno (and other smaller lakes) and seeing a number of gorgeous mountains – Dzhangal, Kamenitsa, Kamenishki kukli. Since the route is long (around 8-9 hours), we will stop by Tevno lake for rest, lunch and sightseeing. In summer, the Tevno lake hut welcomes tourists for tasting traditional dishes and overnight camping. After the halt, we will continue the trip to the hut Demyanitsa contemplating beautiful lakes on the way.

Including - transport, lunch box, guide (lift pass is not included).

On the way to Damianitsa Hut image
  • Price: 60.00

7.Mountain hiking to Vihren peak (2914 m).

Climbing the highest mountain of Pirin is a real achievement and a must-do trip for every mountain-lover! Although the hike up and down takes around 6-7 hours, the time flies unnoticed on such a beautiful trail! At first, the trail will pass among coniferous trees, then will lead to more open grassy areas and end with a rocky pyramid of Vihren peak. You will enjoy the astonishing views of the lakes, mountain peaks, towns and villages from the above! Along the way, you will see the unique flora and fauna of Pirin National Park, including Edelweiss flowers and Pirin poppies, wild goats and bald eagles.

Including - transport, lunch box, guide

Mountain peak Vihren image
  • Price: 50.00

8.Mountain hiking from Vihren hut (2 000 m) to Yavorov hut (1 700 m).

The most extreme trip that we offer with passing through famous Koncheto ridge! For those looking for new adventurous experiences, we are glad to offer our hiking trip from the Vihren hut to the Yavorov hut passing through the highest mountain peaks - Vihren, Kutelo, Koncheto, with total elevation gain + 1300 m and 14 km distance. This route is considered “hard” not only due to its length (about 9-10 hours), but also technical difficulty - we will pass through the narrow Koncheto ridge with falls on both sides, using a rope for safety. Although you do not need to have any climbing skills or experience, it is important to be careful during the hiking, follow the instructions and have suitable shoes.

Including - transport, lunch box, guide.

Koncheto image
  • Price: 55.00

9.Hiking to the Seven Rila lakes + Visiting the Rila Monastery.

The famous Seven Rila Lakes are a group of lakes of glacial origin, located in the north-western Rila Mountains. They are the most visited lakes in Bulgaria! The Seven Lakes are “Salzata” (meaning a “tear”), Okoto (“eye”), Babreka (“kidney”), Bliznak (“twin”), Trilistnik (“shamrock”), Ribnoto (“fish lake”), Dolnoto (“lower lake”). They are situated between 2100 and 2500 m above sea level and are connected to each other by flows. The lowest lake gives rise to the Dzherman River (the left inflow of the Struma River). We will reach the lakes by car and chair lift, and will have a pleasant walk around them and the valley. You will have enough time to enjoy the beautiful views and take pictures. On the way back to Bansko, we will visit the Rila Monastery - the most important shrine in Bulgaria and the UNESCO World Heritage site!.

Including - transport, lunch box, guide (lift pass is not included).

Rila Monastery image
  • Price: 100.00

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