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Ski instructor Dani Stamberova.

Profile image Dani Stamberova

Hello my name is Dani Stamberova.

I have a certificate for ski instructor since 2009.

I speak English and Serbian.

I have been working for INTER BANSKO ski and snowboard school since 2011.

What are ski for me ?

A blend of experiences. Skiing brings the feeling of freedom, happiness and calmness, along with a good rush of adrenaline.

More about me?

I have a degree in physical training and like to maintain an active lifestyle. I understand the mechanics of the human body and the importance of doing correct movements as a way to prevent injury. Skiing should be a joyful and relaxing activity and it is my job to keep it that way. I believe that being an instructor is a synergy between proper knowledge, mastered skills, friendly approach and a big dose of having fun.

My favorites food and drinks?

I like to watch what I eat and prefer traditional vegetarian dishes. Nothing beats a good homecooked meal and a warm cup of coffee after spending the day out in the winter chill.

What are my other hobbies besides skiing?

Backpacking, water skiing and having good time with a pleasant company.

What to expect from me:

Understanding, patience and fun. I know that it's all new to you. It was once new to me, too. I'll do my best to make you feel like you were born to be on the slopes.

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