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Ski instructor Milena Deyanova.

Profile image Milena Deyanova

Hello my name is Milena Deyanova.

I’ve been a snowboard instructor since 2015 and a ski instructor since 2016.

I speak English and a little French.

I have been working for INTER BANSKO ski and snowboard school since 2018.

What are skiing/snowboarding for me ?

For me snowboarding is a type of meditation. While I’m happily cutting in and out the deep powder, I’m in a state of total concentration. This causes me to access the energy and power of the mountain and experience the feeling of being one with my board. And go with the flow of the snow!.

More about me?

Apart from snowboarding and skiing I'm a certified professional in breathwork. I’m interested in holistic health, alternative therapeutic methods and mind and body practices from the East. I’m also a freelance writer.

My favorites food and drinks?

Favorite drink- definitely fresh mountain water. And occasionally any type of French Pastis. In regards to the food- I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life and I have a particular passion for Asian and Arab cuisine.

What are my other hobbies besides skiing?

Constant self evolution. And balance- the most important aspect of living. I achieve this by reading books, practising mind and body techniques, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, slacklining, longboarding, swimming, surfing etc.. Mountains are a great place for challenging myself both physically and mentally, thus a great place to push my limits to the max. This is how you transform yourself and grow. That’s why I also love extreme boarding and trekking..

What to expect from me:

I’m very patient and mild. I will teach you how to let the gravity of the mountain take you down it instead of fighting against the gravity of the mountain. This way your body will be moving with the mountain’s energy rather than against the mountain’s energy. When you snowboard/ski down a slope well, you shouldn’t really feel tired. On the contrary, you should feel better and have more energy afterward than you did before you began.
And... Piece, Love, Pow!.

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