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Ski instructor Simon Hackney.

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Hello my name is Simon Hackney but a lot of friends and family call me Acko so I will answer to both.

I’ve been skiing now for to many years to mention so let’s keep it a secret eh! In the past I have raced downhill disciplines and taught numerous people in the the fine art of skiing. I am fluent in English (but then I should be, coming from Stoke on Trent) and I can speak a little German though I wouldn’t boast about that. I hold the BASI ski instructor qualification and this is the first year I have worked with Inter Bansko ski and snowboard school but believe me I will be returning next year.

What are ski for me ?

Skiing is not a sport nor a hobby to me, skiing is a passion, a love and a way to become totally free from the everyday hustle and bustle of the normal working life. Once you make ski friends you will have a friend for life and believe me, you make new friends every skiing day. Difficult to explain but skiing is a way of life, skiing allows you to relax, to appreciate the surroundings, to learn something new every day and to be in a place that until you experience, you can never understand.

What are my other hobbies besides skiing?

I like to play a little football (and NO! It’s not walking football yet) and generally keeping fit to a standard that will maintain my ability to ski at the level I do. I am a PADI rescue diver so enjoy scuba diving as long as it’s in warm climates. I like to sample food and drink from various countries eating out as much as possible and generally meeting interesting people.

What to expect from me:

I believe that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. I love life nearly as much as skiing and I believe that your first ski lessons are the most important ones you will ever have. Your first ski lessons set the trend, your first ski lessons will determine your future standard and I always make all your lessons meaningful, enjoyable and guarantee you will be back for more. Safety is paramount, second to that is a toss up between progression and fun, but believe me you will experience both and have more to talk about, boast about and laugh about when you get home than you can ever imagine.

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